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[CLOSED] Activity Suggestion

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Apr. 3rd, 2008 | 03:06 pm
mood: blankblank
posted by: crixivan in tokio_suki

Well I would like to suggest an activity for us. Actually the idea is not originally from me, it's from zi-hong@BNS. Thanks to her for her brilliant idea. I've played this before and it's interesting.

zi-hong called it 'round robin'. It's a handmade postcard exchange between the member depends on what artist you like. You will have no idea who is your sender and you will get a person to send the postcard. In this case, it should be TOKIO or senpai. So, choose your fave idol or any senpai group as the whole. I will distribute the address and give it randomly to participant.

Have to send it within given time and after you receive yours, take a picture and show it to everybody [tell who is your sender]. DONE!  ^___^


The participants are amarylliszai, crixivan, taichi, tomoya leader. So after I distribute the names randomly, it should be like this:

1) amarylliszai gives to crix
2) crix gives to taichi
3) taichi gives to tomoya
4) tomoya gives to leader
5) leader gives to amarylliszai

so within given time, you have to finish and post ur card and after u receive it take a picture and post it
here ^^ DONE!

- The registration is opened until 15th April, 12.00pm, Tuesday. If you like to join it pls reply and comment to this post [state that you want to join it] and send your address [along with the specific member that you want to] to me ^__^ [use send message button] This time no need to figure okie? ^^
- You will be given the assignment on 16th April, Wednesday
- The specification for the post card is according to this using USPS specification  for less charge]
- You are give approximately a week to finish the card and post it. Your due date to post it is on 25rd April [Friday]. Do whatever you want to do and be creative as possible ^__^
- After you receive yours, just post it in the community. i'll link it at the sidebar. PLs write the subject as 'ROUND ROBIN : MISSION ACCOMPLISHED' and the others pls reply in the same entry along with the SUBJECT '[ur LJ NAME] and will try to ask scanky_chop for posting one entry overthere
- Let say you have problems that you cant post it on the due date pls inform  me and i will contact  the respective recipient to tell that her postcard will arrive quite late okay?

come and join us~~ the more participant better ^___^

1) amarylliszai
2) crixivan
3) cky_ash

UPDATED 4th April

It's just my opinion.^___^ I think it's interesting to do together [among the fans] 

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did i understand it?

from: elilinne
date: May. 4th, 2008 03:24 pm (UTC)

so if i had undrestand the rules of your game. The goal it's to
send tokio's or tomoya nagase's or other johny's group pictures
to each other did i understand ? (excuse me for my english but is not my
born language)I M A tokio's FAN and tomoya nagase's fan and recently join the
live journal .

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