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~ Welcome post ~

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Sep. 3rd, 2007 | 09:41 am
posted by: biconne in tokio_suki


Welcome Tokio lovers to Tokio_suki, a community dedicated to the Johnny's band TOKIO. You'll find everything Tokio related from the time they debuted to this day and age. You must be apart of the community to view all media files and subbed contents. All subbed contents here are subbed, timed and upped by our own SubTeam. If you have any questions or concerns do drop us an email (links are on profile page), comment on the concerns/query post here or as a last resort, comment on our journals. Important People and Rules under the cut.


crixivan ser3n

Tokio_suki SubTeam

Translator: gshock99 , pink_endlicheri
Timer: ary_chan , tomo_naki , cheshko_chan , crixivan
Karaoke: crixivan
Typesetter: djereloz
Hardsubber/Encoder: ser3n
QC: ser3n , tomo_naki
Uploader: ary_chan , biconne
Graphics: biconne

Basic Rules

* No bashing or criticism anywhere and of anyone, even in comments.
* Even though this is a TOKIO community, bashing of other JE units will not be tolerated, do it in your own journals.
* Do NOT under any circumstances distribute ANY media posted here, unless otherwise stated. You can ask the uploader if they are fine with distributing it but WITH credits.
* Do NOT hotlink any of the posts here, request for permission from the uploader.
* Comments are appreciated if your downloading anything =).
* If uploading single/albums/official videos, providing a link where people can purchase the said item would be appreciated ^_^

Posting Rules

* Please keep long posts under LJ-cut, especially media such as images.
* Please keep all subject lines categorized here.
* When tagging, please use the tags listed here.
* Please keep everything locked except Information about the unit such as discography and biography.

Errmm... If think of more Ill post them XD

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(no subject)

from: tink_chan
date: Feb. 22nd, 2012 05:34 pm (UTC)

Oh an TOKIO LJ!!!
I would like to join you pleazzzzze
Thanks for your hard work^^

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