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TOKIO suki
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A TOKIO Media Sharing Community


TOKIO_suki is a community which is dedicated to
Johnnys Entertainment group, TOKIO. For more detail, read this, TOKIO STARTER KIT which is posted by guingel. tq! <33

Photobucket The community is for friends only...but u can join us anytime..by clicking here..we are glad if u like to be new member of the family.^__^

Photobucket In here, you can upload anything related to TOKIO n pls use these tag along with u.[we will update from time to time].In case u want to use other tags, pls kindly email to us to let us know n after we approved, the tag will be upped.

PhotobucketTAG: PV,album, single, concert, news, CM, karaoke, show and performance, pic and scan, movie, drama,lyric, graphic item [include avatar, wallpaper,card,signature animation,,whatever],link
And as for the title pls kindly put as format follows
eg: [PV] Title of the song

Photobucket Describe what you've uploaded and provide caps and previews. It may helps other people to imagine what is all about ^__^

Photobucket Preferably using MegaUpload or Mediafire to upload media. Make sure your uploads stay active. ^__^

Photobucket Use LJ-cuts for long posts or large images.

PhotobucketIt would be nice if you comment when you download or snag the media.

Photobucket Ask the mods if you have any questions, or suggestions or whatever related to TOKIO. :) U may email to us at tokiosuki@gmail.com. Dont worry we are not biting people.^__^ All comments n suggestions are welcomed. We are still new [still in developing]so pls do forgive us if there anything less or something that u dont like to see it.

PhotobucketGive credit to original uploaders and websites when known. (Note to uploaders: If you see your files being uploaded here without any credit to you, please alert any of the mods and we'll notify the original poster to include the proper credits.)

Photobucket Also, a link to purchase any TOKIO merchandise relating to your upload would be appreciated. ^^. What we do here is just a kind of promotion for TOKIO. We dont have any connection or affiliates with Johnny's Entertainment. Hope that with all the media's inside here, may help u to know TOKIO very well and appreciate them. Therefore, please support them with buying the original CD or DVD. Tq!


Photobucket For any translations [lyric, tv show etc], facts or more info related to TOKIO, check out to_ki_o (^^)v

Photobucket For JE fan from Malaysia, please visit jefans_msia

Photobucket General Johnny's Entertainment stamping/rating community, please visit je_stamped

TOKIO_suki Subteam

We are now looking for dedicated member to set up the subteam specially dedicated to TOKIO..^__^ We really do need translators now. Experience is no need but it gives u an advantage. As long as u willing to learn ^^. We really need ur support n help ..tq!If u're interested, pls proceed to this
ENTRY or email us at tokiosuki@gmail.com. LETS SPREAD TOKIO'S LOVE

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