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[news] Nagase's butai on SotS report

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Sep. 30th, 2007 | 03:17 pm
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posted by: tomo_naki in tokio_suki


here's an account of the butai of SotS yesterday, 29 Semptember..
included also undercut are the pictures of the scrapbook siantut made with messages from TomoBabe's international fans..
gomen to the ppl in TOKIO suki.. i hadn't had the time to post up this entry here a few days ago.
but there are more grand plans for his birthday.. i will update you ASAP!
the pictures aren't complete as of now, i think her digicam went fuzzy or something.. LOL

We who were going to see the butai aisatsu were asked to be there one hour before the butai aisatsu began. I managed to get about 2-3 hours sleep then I rushed to the place. I didn't even have the time to eat breakfast nor lunch. When I woke up, actually I still had to wrap the album and put it in a suitable paper bag. So I wrapped it with a black and gold gift paper. I tried to look for some ribbons but couldn't find any. I had no time to look for a nice paper bag so I just grabbed one I got from Akihabara, with the name of a famous computer maker on it :p

So I wrote Tomoya's name on the paper bag, in case it got mixed up and didn't go to Tomoya's hand by mistake. I also wrote my name (just surname) on it. When I arrived, it was exactly the time I should be there, exactly an hour before the butai aisatsu began. There were about 50 people standing in line outside the small theatre, 98% of the pepole standing in line were women, LOL. I saw a few women bringing their small kids to watch, making me wonder if actually it is the mother who wanted to see Tomoya Tongue

A group of staff were there, men and women. They maanaged the queue, checking people of their tickets, and asking if they carry camera or cellphone. They asked us to turn our cell phones off. They also distributed an envelop to each us, and stapled the envelop as soon as we dropped our cell phones or cameras into it.

I showed them my cell phone and the inside of my bag, turned my cell phone off, dropped it into the brown envelope and a staff girl closed it with two staplers. Then I asked her how I could pass my present to Tomoya. She asked me to wait a minute as she went away calling her superior. Her superior, a woman of about 30 years came to me and told me that she could take the bag for me to be passed on to Tomoya. She told me frankly though that she couldn't pass it personally to Tomoya herself but what she could do was to give the bag to the person in charge of Tomoya. I said OK as long as the bag reached Tomoya. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!! (with a bow, of course) She took the bag and disappeared inside the theatre building. And that was the last I saw of our bag and album.

I was quite surprised though, that as far as I saw it, I seem to be the only one giving Tomoya a present? But maybe I just didn't see it because there was no special table for such things. When I saw Tomoya's play years back, they had this long table especially for presents, flowers, all kinds of presents people showered on Tomoya.

As time went by, more and more people cam and stood in line, it was maybe about 70 more people behind me. I waited for about 45 minutes maybe, along with the others. Finally the time to get in arrived, we started to walk into the theatre, after having our tickets torn. What I first did was to buy something to eat. I knew I wouldn't eb able to survive without it, not without breakfast nor lunch. So I went to the small counter and bought a bag of snacks and some ice tea, then I went into the theatre itself. I saw a small shop selling the movie's goods, but I thought I would buy some later after the movie was over.

When I went in, I was surprised it was full of reporters!!! They were everywhere! Along the side lanes, the back, the front, all having their huge cameras with them! The front row, or Row A was especially for reporters, that's why I couldn't find any Row A being sold anywhere. My seat was Row B, and I had trouble getting into my seat because of these reporters. If you think that they are young or middle-age men, you will be surprised to see them already gray-haired, the ones sitting in Row A. They look like big boss then cameramen, LOL. And it was amazing they seemed to be so familiar with each other they were joking loudly with each other and the mood was very cheerful and noisy. The younger reporters didn't get to sit, they stood at the side with their cameras, or sat on the steps.

The theater was really so small, maybe it only accommodate about 100 people. At the back, there were at least 8-9 tripods with huge video cameras, ready to film the event. they must have come from different mass-media companies. I went to sit on my seat.....it was so near to the stage. The women sitting on my right were talking how nervous they were to be so close to Tomoya later, haha.

The situation was not like a usual movie show because these reporters sitting at Row A were really so noisy with their jokes. It somehow helped to make the atmosphere more alive and cheerful though. Yeah, it was unlike going to the movies, but to bazaar or festival instead, lol.

FINALLY! The time came for Tomoya cs to show up. A cute girl went up the stage, she was the announcer. The reporters started to take her picture...I wonder why, LOL< maybe because she was pretty. The girl asked us not to use our camera nor cell phones or record anything of the event. Blah blah blah....hurry up!! OK< then she said now it is time for Nagase Tomoya-san to go in, DOUZO!!!!

I thought he would go out from the side of the stage like normal stage, but yeah I was wrong! Those reporters in Row A knew it better! As soon as the girl said that Tomoya was going in, they all turned around and directed their huge cameras towards a door at the side of the theatre, behind me. Oh! So I turned my head around too, and focused on that door. The door opened, and the women inside the theater already screamed!! LOLLOLOL! And Tomoya had not even showed up, because it was some other people first who came in from that door. It was so funny. And as soon as Tomoya's body emerged from that door into the theater, the scream was louder!!


!Beating heart Beating heart Beating heart cheers cheers Wub Wub Wub

Tomoya was smiling as he walked to the stage. People applauded on and on. I am sure no one was even looking who were being with him, like Takenaka Naoto and Chinen Yuri from HeySay something....
Tomoya was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black short-sleeved shirt. His hair was short, and he was clean-shaved!! He was VERY handsome!! OK I read in a post in D-A about Tomoya getting fat?? No, not at all!! He is better now than years ago when he was thin!! So I have seen him years back alright, but at that time he was like 18?? He was lean at that time, lean jaw, lean body. He was a young teen, and was not as sexy as he is now. He had grown into a man now, and a real one too! I could see changes in him, he was more relaxed now, and was completely in control of himself and the situation. To be honest, I was worried that Takenaka Naoto would steal the show, anyway Takenaka was much older, and he was quite a talented actor (he was the one playing Streseman in Nodame Cantabile). However, in today's butai aisatsu, definitely Tomoya OWNED the whole event and show! And naturally too! He even dared to tease Takenaka and also to tease his kouhai Chinen Yuri. I am really glad that Takenaka was really a nice man too, he didn't try at all to steal the show.

Anyway, back again, after all the commotion was gone, and after all the reporters finished with taking pictures. Tomoya started to speak. To my surprise, he introduced himself as "Nagatomo". "Konnichiwa, Nagatomo desu!" More screams and applauds!! Then Tomoya said how happy he was to be there, and that he felt honored that they asked him to be the voice-actor for this animation movie. He thanked the director, and then he said that he was very happy to be able to work together with Takanaka Naoto. He said that he had never acted in a dorama with Takenaka, and that he had long admired Takenaka. Good job, Tomoya! That's the way it is, be humble and respect your senpai, lol.... I am really happy that Tomoya really knows how to behave. He is humble and is respectful of others. Although he know that perhaps 95% of the audience came for him and only him, he did take care of Takenaka's feelings not to make him feel that he was being upstaged by Tomoya.

Then Tomoya went ahead saying that when the offer came, he was feeling unsure whether he could do it or not because it was his first time doing this. He said that they sent him the DVD of the movie (without voice?) and he was very impressed by it, it was something "sugoi!" he said. However, he would like to take this challenge, and he was also glad that his kouhai Chinen Yuri would be there too working with him. Chinen Yuri was very cute, I wonder how old he was. Maybe 10 years old, I think.

Tomoya then said that what he was wearing was especially related to the movie, and that he was not back from Akihabara (the shirt look like a cosplay from Akihabara). The shirt was black with a print "Nameless" on the left, and "Backbone" on the right. Then Tomoya turned around, showing that his back was written with "Sword of the Stranger". More applaud. Tomoya took out a black paper fan with "The Stranger" written on it, and fanned himself. (laughter) He looked down to Chinen Yuri, asking him what he had in his hand. Yuri had a stuffed-dog in his hand. "Did you get that from UFO-catcher?" "No" The stuffed-dog is the dog in the movie, which was called "Tobimaru". (It was cute, so I bought one for myself after the movie ended.)

Then Tomoya again praised the movie which he said was very interesting and a good-quality animation movie. He said: "After you finish watching this movie later, I hope you will say to yourself : I'm glad I watch Stranger, it's really so good! and before you sleep tonight, you will think again about this movie:I'm glad I watch Stranger, it's really so good!, and tomorrow after you wake up in the morning, you will say: I'm glad I watch Stranger, it's really so good! (laughter from audience), and then when you go to school, or to work, you will tell your friends: I'm glad I watch Stranger, it's really so good! (more laughter) In short, please tell your family or your friends how good this movie is.

When he looked at Takenaka Naoto, he saw Takenaka having his hands on his hip in akimbo style. Tomoya asked Takanaka: "Why are you always doing this?" (he put his hands on his own hip). Takenaka laughed and put his stomach forward with his hands on his hip. Tomoya imitated him, putting his hands on his hip while protruding his stomach forward (laughter from audience).

Then it is Takenaka's turn to talk. At first he talked as if he really had no confidence and was so timid. I was surprised, I thought "Is that the real Takenaka???" But suddenly he changed the way of speaking and talked in deep voice in a confident manner. Only then that I realized that actually Takenaka was doing some monomane (voice imitation of other personality). People started to laugh as Takenaka made several personalities consecutively. He was really good!! Everybody applauded including Tomoya. Yes, Takenaka is very talented, just saw him as Streseman in Nodame Cantabile, he is really hilarious. Then I dunno why, suddenly he offered Tomoya a handshake. It was a good gesture from him to Tomoya. Tomoya hurriedly took Takanaka's hand and they shook hands, as the photographers hurriedly took their picture! I do hope one day Tomoya can act together with Takenaka in a dorama. That will be hilarious!

Then it was Chinen Yuri's turn to speak. I think he is from Hey!Say!7, a new group from Johnny's. After introducing himself, he said that he was very happy to be able to work together with his Senpai (Tomoya), to whom he could ask if he had any problem. He said that he was helped a lot by Tomoya and was grateful for that. It was also his first time doing a voice-over and he was happy he had the chance to do it in this movie.

After Yuri, another voice-actor of this movie also spoke up. He was Yamadera Koichi, who did the voice-over for Donkey character in Shrek. He said that in this movie, he had to speak some lines in Chinese, and said that he practiced a lot to make the Chinese lines sound as authentic as possible. He asked the audience if there are Chinese-speaking people, but no one raised their hands. He said that the Chinese adviser praised him for his Chinese lines in this movie.

Then as a closing speech, they asked Tomoya again to speak up. Tomoya thanked the audience for coming to see the movie, and said that although now he saw that most of the audience are women, actually the movie can also be enjoyed by men. "Please come again to watch this movie, with your boyfriend." Then he bowed deeply to close his speech and the butai aisatsu.

There was one time when Takenaka and Tomoya suddenly did that funny pose protruding their stomachs once again, and this time, Chinen Yuri and Yamadera also followed, so all 4 people made that funny pose together, as the photographers hurriedly took their pictures in such a funny pose. The audience laughed, especially because Tomoya did it while squinting his eyes, making him look so funny.

The cute-girl announcer then said: "Now it is photography time! Everyone on the stage, please pose with Nagase-san as the center of attention and be ready for the photographers to take your photos!" All the photographers at the front row or Row A all stood up now. They directed their cameras on the people on the stage. Tomoya stood at the center as the others stood closely around him. He was the tallest, of course. I saw that when he faced the cameras, his face became more serious, and his eyes looked even more sharper as he looked at the cameras. I also noticed that he was quite professional, he enevr had eye-contact with anyone in the audience. His eyes usually just swept around without dwelling on anything or anyone. When the others were busy speaking, he would sometimes swept his eyes at the back of the theater, perhaps looking at the 8-9 video cameras on the tripods.

All the photographers became very busy. I noticed that their cameras and lenses are really magnificent! So huge I guess they cost a lot, perhaps even more expensive than an average car! After standing straight facing the center, now they stood facing the left, to give the photographers on the left side to take good pictures of them. Then, they stood facing right, to give a chance for the photographers on the right to take their pictures. At the end, they faced straightforward again. One of the photographer yelled: Please smile!! And everybody smiled, including Tomoya, but he also made a funny face later, by rolling his eyes and distorting his mouth, making everyone in the audience laughed.

After this photographic session, which was about 7-8 minutes was over, the announcer said that now Nagase-san and the others had to leave. Thank you very much and sayonara. Tomoya walked down the steps at the right of the stage and started to walk towards the previous door where he came in. The theater was filled with applause and screams again! I couldn't help myself, I don't know why tears welled up in my eyes at that moment, as he was walking on the side of the theater toward the door. I had to wipe my eyes because they were really teary. I couldn't even clap my hands to send him off, being overwhelmed by my emotion. I just felt very happy, that's all, to see him reached this state of development in his career and character, developing from a 17 years-old to a mature 27 years-old.

Meanwhile the women in the theater were screaming again: TOMOYAAAAAAAAA!!! TOMOYAAAAAAAA!!! TOMOOYAAAAAAAA! And some girls whose seats were near the side isle got almost hysterical they stood up from their seats and screamed TOMOYYYYAAAAAAAAAAA!!! while reaching out with their arms, either waving frantically or just stretching out their arms trying to touch him as he walked so nearly pass their seats. I am not sure if any of them on the isle seats managed to touch him. Maybe.

As he disapeeared from that door, the commotion died down. I guess most of us who came just to see Tomoya felt at a loss somehow. The women sitting next to me said to each other: "Kakko ii desu ne!!" "Hontou ni kakko ii ne!!"

To my surprise, 1/3 of the people in the audience started to stand up and left the theater!!! WHY??? WHY??? They didn't even stay to watch the movie!!! They are mostly the people who sat at the front rows, like the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th rows etc. They came just to see Tomoya, NOT to watch the movie! LOLOL! Or were they running out to catch a glimpse of Tomoya exiting the building??? Or were they running to the next butai aisatsu some place else??? Or what??? I found it thoroughly amusing!!! But had I not give my other ticket to my friend, I would have done the same thing too!~

I have taken a few pictures around the theater after the movie was over. They had put up a nice wooden board with Tomoya's picture on it, and with his message too. They also had his pictures and interview on the board in front of the theater. However, I took the pictures with my cell phone, and I still had to transfer the data to my PC first. Ermm...still looking for my connector, LOL...

Oh yah, I bought the movie's booklet, and the stuffed-dog "Tobimaru" after the movie was over. I like the dog, it was very brave and loyal. Maybe one day I would want the OST too, the music was good! They also sell the making of the movie, but I think it was too expensive if Tomoya only showed up a bit in it. It was 2780 yen for 39 minutes. They had a phone-strap too, in the shape of Nanashi's sword. Nanashi (or Nameless) is Tomoya's character in the movie.

Well, that's all I can remember. I hope they will put the movie up on j-entertainment news tomorrow!! I hope the movie can be saved too, because I want to keep it as remembrance as well!!

Thanks for reading.

siantut: Tomoya in DASH (to Thailand)

siantut: That letters with teddy bears said: Tomoya

siantut: His birthday card sitting in a clear pocket at the back of the album.

siantut: A window looking out at a bright star
The words above said: "Just like that star,"

siantut: The message printed on the left said: "Please keep shining as brightly"
My msg on the left said that http:..............com will open on 11/7 right on his birthday, and asked him to check the URL.
Sorry I can't give the exact URL now because it does not exist yet. So only Tomoya knows it now :p I hope he will remember to check this URL on his bday!!

materials under cut are X-posted to tomoya_daily

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from: tomo_naki
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gomenasai for always causing problems..
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i fixed it, already~

ahhh~ what a shame.. tomo means knowledge.. i must be *baka_naki*

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not at all^^
you just didn't notice that it wasn't in lj-cut, there's no problem ^_^
Thanks a lot for being an active member of this community! x)

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